Sunday, September 4, 2011

The six hour skirt

So I've been wanting to make a skirt for myself out of some rayon I have had for a while and I finally remembered to pick up a pattern at JoAnns the other day. Yay! Anyway, little did I know that the 2 hour Simplicity pattern was going to take me 6 hours.

First, you have to iron the pattern pieces. Wait, no, FIRST you have to read all the instructions, then figure out which view you are going to make, then circle all the instructions throughout the pattern so you don't make something else, which could very easily happen to me, even with a skirt that only had 2 seams. Ok, now you cut out the ONE pattern piece you need for your 2 hour skirt and iron the creases out of it. One hour down.

Then, having a perfectly cut pattern piece I realized that my elastic was 1 inch wide instead of 1/2 inch. I thought I could add a 1/2 inch to the bottom of the skirt and spent a whole bunch of time taping pattern paper to it, measuring out 1/2 inch, drawing little lines, connecting them.....when I realized the elastic goes at the waist (duh) and had to do it all over again at the waistline. Two hours down.

I cut the exact amount called for on my size pattern out of my bolt of rayon, took everything downstairs to my big cutting table and commenced pinning. Mind you, the piece cut was going to be enough for both sides of the skirt pattern. Cut out first salf of skirt. Was it going to fit one more time? Nope. Back to the bolt, another 3/4 yard or so cut, (and ironed...I forgot to mention that) Hour three in the can.

Sewing the side seams together was a challenge because I never sew 5/8 inch seams and actually had to read my sewing machine manual to find out where the measurement is because it is NOT the 5/8" marked on the needle plate. How do I know this? By experience. Hour 4 down.

Seams sewn, now it's time for the elastic. Not quite as challenging this time, but fiddly. Hour it lunch time yet?

Finally get to the end and ready for the hem. A quick glance at the instructions tells me to let it hang overnight. What?! I think not because I wanted to wear it to church. Onward with the hem. Hour 6 here and I can't believe it but it FITS!!!! Yay for me!

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