Monday, February 13, 2012

A New Direction: Chapter 2

So I challenged myself to use all (or a portion at least) of those scraps.  The plan was to work in only one color.  I picked the color green because saw on a quilty show somewhere in the distant past that all greens go together. Well, sort of.  turned out I didn't have quite the zillion and a half different greens I needed to make it work. Had to add some background.

I fired up my trusty computer, went to EQ7 and started designing. I picked a shoo-fly in a square block. But I soon realized that I needed more color...

Here is the shoo-fly in a square:

I got really bored with just these and so I created an original applique block made up of a wreath of hearts on a snowball background.

Here is the heart wreath block: (By the way, I need a clever name for this block. Any ideas?)

So it turns out after sewing 13 shoo-flys, and 12 heart wreaths of all different colors.....I made a rookie mistake.

Stay tuned...

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